Welcome To The New Packrats Thrift Store

Welcome To Packrats Thrift Store What's New Photo

Stay Tuned For the new packrats comming soon!

This is my new site, and i will be posting all sorts of info on my new place as now i have a consignment store and have  500 consigners! located in versailles missouri, in a old school house that was built in 1929. I have 15,000 feet of space, and  will be upgrading the site little bit at a time. The store is  located at 310 South Fisher st. Our phone number is 573-378-5159.

What i am wanting to do is to have a business for my customers to shop in that is a relaxing atmosphere, no hype no pressure. Most people just drop in to say hi and see whats new in the store. I have relaxing music playing so you can shop in comfort and we treat everyone as (one of the family) so to say. I also have a new room a PLAYROOM for the kids to play in and have fun in they have lots of toys to play with, books to read all kinds of things to do in the playroom.A furniture and appliance room with all kinds of items to add to or even furnish a room. We have a household room with dishes,pots and pans just about everything you need for the kitchen.Lots of name brand clothes,pants, shirts, shoes, all kinds of things to look spiffy!

This is my new store

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